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Bark Avenue are a dedicated team of dog lovers who believe dogs are family and deserve the best dog wear, accessories and essentials.

With their very own pack of dachshunds, the Bark Avenue team realised how tricky it could be walking multiple pooches at once, with walkies often ending in dropped leads, loosing keys and lots of tangles (we can totally relate!). This is when their iconic multi-functional hands free dog walking bag was born!

Thanks to Bark Avenue, us dog owners can now experience peaceful walkies with great quality, well thought out, stylish accessories that work for all pooches large and small. 

As you probably already know, we have a diverse pack of four pooches. A wild, high energy Pomeranian, and excitable pug puppy, a disabled wheel chair using pug and our senior dachshund diva. Needless to say, walking all four dogs and ensuring their individual needs are met is virtually impossible. But Bark Avenue have relieved a lot of our stresses with a number of different products.

First and foremost, my favourite product from the range, and quite possibly one of my favourite dog products we have ever received, the Bark Avenue Dog Walking Bag. Believe me when I say this is a gamechanger. Whether you have one pooch or an entire pack, it makes life easier and has so many features that I genuinely don’t know how I ever walked my dogs without it. The bag itself is sturdy, lightweight, waterproof and super comfy, with the option to wear it with or without the additional waist strap. It has multiple compartments including a handy phone pouch (with a mesh section to use your phone as a torch on dark walkies) and two zipped pockets for treats and keys etc… 

It’s an ideal bag for dog training with a quick access wipeable dog treat section, a discreet and easy access poop bag dispenser and lots of reflective aspects for additional visibility. The whole bag wipes clean with ease so muddy paw prints aren’t ever a problem!

The bag is the perfect size for all your dog walking needs and will easily fit my water bottle so me and all the pooches can keep hydrated on our adventures. It’s so obvious to me that this convenient, light weight and stylish bag was designed for dog owners, by dog owners and the very best part is that it has multiple heavy duty safety clips for me to attach our dogs leads to, meaning I can walk them all, whilst pushing puggy in his pram and still have a hand free just in case!

I could go on and on about this bag, but there is plenty more available from the Bark Avenue store that will get your tails wagging!

If, like me, you like to match your pooch with your accessories, then check out their range of harnesses, safety leads, collars, poop bag holders and doggy seat belts, all available in the same, classic black and gold nose print design that is on my beloved bag. To keep things interesting we alternate our pack between the orange ‘Ember’ and white ‘Mono’ version too, and let’s not forget the luxurious black velour harness!

There is plenty of heavy duty leashes, lead splitters and harnesses available which are incredibly durable, sturdy and safe if you have a strong pooch, or perhaps a pup who pulls on a lead. We have been using the multi way double frog clip lead non-stop since it landed on our door step, as it’s perfect for both my husband and I as he likes to clip it to his belt or the dog walking bag, and I like to wear leads over shoulder.

It’s unisex design is simple and slick and the hardware is so strong. I also love that I can clip it around table legs to secure the pooches at the pub or in cafes!

We must also mention their toys, YumYum, our very playful pup is utterly obsessed with both the diamond rubber treat toy as we can hide snacks inside to keep him entertained for hours, and his beloved Bark Avenue tennis ball which comes with a holder which clips to the walking bag, so his favourite toy comes with us on all our adventures.

Bark Avenue is a one stop shop for dog owners as you are guaranteed to find products you will want and need, whether your dog is young, old, tiny or huge, they really do have something for every dog!

I’m thrilled to have discovered this incredible brand and my whole pack will proudly be rocking Bark Avenue for years to come!

Snackies out of ten? 11/10 would recommend again and again!

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