Our Journey

'The Bark Avenue Dog Walking Bag, believe me when I say this is a gamechanger. Whether you have one pooch or an entire pack, it makes life easier and has so many features that I genuinely don’t know how I ever walked my dogs without it.' - Charlie @ Instadoggo

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About Us

Who are we?

As avid dog lovers ourselves, we understand the integral role our fluffy friends play in our lives as not only our soul mates but loyal companions. They are our little piece of sunshine on a rainy day. Our dogs are our family and the reason we smile every day.

How we started:

Bark Avenue was started all because of our very naughty and much loved Miniature Dachshunds, Minnie, Margo, Minky and Molly (And yes, we get confused between them!). It was becoming a bit of a task to walk them all and after numerous occasions where I'd end up dropping a dog lead or treats all over the floor, getting tangled up or loosing our keys, we decided to design and manufacture a high quality and functional hands-free dog walking bag, so I could lock my front door without the risk of one of the girls running towards the road.

I don't like to say I have a favourite dog, but if I did it would be Molly. She had a certain quirk and was just a bit odd, she was my best friend in the form of a little wagging shadow. Molly was integral to the start of Bark Avenue's journey. When deciding on our branding, Molly was sat outside on a sunny day and we scetched out the shape of her lovely little twitchy nose. Sadly our beloved Molly was taken far to soon but before we said our last goodbye and thanked her for everything she'd done for our family and Bark Avenue, we promised her that we'd continue on with Bark Avenue the best we possibly could and live up to the values we set at the start.

Bark Avenues Core Values:

Along our journey of working with a designer and manufactures, we realised that it can be difficult to find great quality and beautiful looking accessories, which is why we decided to launch a line of fantastic products to go alongside our revolutionary dog walking bag. As dog owners, we understand that it is vital to have safe and heavy duty accessories.

We have thought about everything you will need for a pleasent dog walking experience so you don't have to.